I’m currently reading the “4 hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris and at the end of each chapter there are challenges. One of the challenges is to limit information overload by going on a media fast. No books (with the exception of the “4 Hour Work Week”), unnecessary websites, social media, audio books, news outlets or other types of media that provide their glory to aid us in wasting our precious time!  Music, however, is always allowed.

I attempted to begin my media fast last Monday and I think that I did fairly well. I made some modifications to what Tim Ferris suggested and I decided that I would listen to the bible because it isn’t useless information. Feeling like I conquered Monday and that I did a decent job, I entered Tuesday and had a “let down”.

It was barely noon and I had already listened to music on YouTube (which I’m not totally sure is allowed, sounds like a loophole) and checked out Twitter, a place that I seldom visit. Since I had already went down the rabbit hole, I figured that I would listen to the audio book “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert that I’d anticipated listening to for a few weeks now.

Here’s the dilemma: I always listen to audio books at work to help the time pass, especially books involving creativity, business, pursuing passionate goals, along with some fiction sprinkled in. What can I say? I’m really enjoy books that encourages one stay open to the possibilities of creativity and inspiration.

As life would have it, one of the thoughts in “Big Magic” was to say “yes” and to follow curiosity. I thought to myself, “I would like to incorporate saying YES more often into my daily life and see where the road will lead”. That lucky chance came sooner than I had anticipated.

While at work that day, I went to speak with a co-worker only to find out that she and another co-worker were deep in the throes of putting together props for a video that they were creating for the next day. They wanted to include just about everyone from around the building to complete the video.

“We want you to be in the video that we’re shooting”, they exclaimed!

#{insert panic here}

Most people turned down the chance to take part in the video. But, after I gave myself a pep talk, I figured, ”why not?”, & I did the part that they wanted me to do!

The lesson learned is that in life, most people are afraid to say yes to something different, something that’s new, that’s not the status quo, to looking silly, to being wrong, and to failure! I am determined to no longer be one of these people as much as possible. I have had great opportunities that I felt were lost or could have turned out very differently had I chosen to feel the fear and do it anyway. I have learned my lesson and want to redeem as much time as I can by saying “yes” more often. The uncomfortable things that make life what it is.

What are you willing to say “yes” to?