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Month: September 2014

…My Burden Is Light!

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“For my yoke is easy and my burden is light….” Matt. 11:30

As I pondered this scripture and really meditated on what it was saying, I began to pray and thanksgiving to God for an understanding and different viewpoint of what this scripture means. I’m reading a book called “the creative life” by Eric Butterworth and in it he refers to the bible, not from a theological perspective, but from a spiritual one and using the bible to understand the self better.

Since we are all created in the image of God, the master Creator, we too, his creativity within us. The author offered that when God said, “let there be light…”as He began to Create the worlds, He was actually just manifesting himself because He is light. Interesting. The author also uses Matt. 11:30 and explains that “yoke” means union or oneness…..

As I considered what I had read and what I have learned in the scriptures, it came to me what the awesomeness of the meaning of Matt. 11:30 is. I once heard a preacher describe what it means to be yoked to something, as in a yoke of oxen working together. If you have a pair of oxen yoked together, a younger ox is placed in the yoke with an older and more experienced ox so that it can learn how to do the job correctly. The younger ox walks right next to the older one and learns all that is required of it.

Christ has invited us to be yoked with him and to learn of his ways so that we can please the Father. Christ then tells us that his burden is light. When we hear the word light we may think of something being of little weight or not heavy, as the dictionary puts it. But I offer the other use of light as we may typically think of light. We are to walk in the light, to be children of the light and a city on a hill. If we apply this definition to this scripture, Christ said that his burden is light, meaning that he is also inviting us to dispel the darkness, to be illuminating agents, to be the spark or flame against darkness, and be the lights of the world.

If we are walking with Christ and learning of his ways, which the father instructed him to live and if we are being obedient, we, too will be helping to do our part to bear this burden of being light in the world. If we are truly learning the ways of Christ, this will be an easy yoke to bear because Christ will be showing us and has shown us how to be light and to overcome the darkness in the world. If you already have an example and a template of how to carry out a task, of course your work will be much easier and lighter in the sense that it won’t weigh you down.

To those who may be heavy with burdens and sighed down, remember that you, too have been invited into a relationship with the one who can and will lighten your load and with whom you can walk alongside of! Choose him today and watch how your life changes.


Image Source: http://www.biblebaptistbeckley.com

I Do Believe in Angels…Missing My Nana (Pt. 2)

As I sit hJasmyne/NaNaere writing to you, it feels as if I’m actually back in 2001 on the 24th of September.  It was Monday, the day after we went to the Hospice of Blue Ash in Cincinnati, the day I knew that my NaNa was healed because her fever went down after the Chaplin prayed. The day I knew that the Hospice facility would call and say “Shirley Ann Carter is able to go home because the prayers that you and your family prayed last night, God heard them and turned everything around”.  That was the day or so I thought. 
After a sleepless Sunday night due to praying and waking up off and on, I got up Monday morning to get ready for work as usual.  I had to be at the “Fashion Shop” store by 9am.  I felt the same as all other work days: tired. I was off by 3:30 p.m. because I had to pick up my bedroom set from my Auntie’s house and I was using my cousin’s van while she was at work.  So, as I was walking towards Bed, Bath, & Beyond to get the keys, my Mother calls & says, “I just got off work and I’m on my way to Hospice because they said NaNa is not going to make it.”  I was walking in disbelief and I didn’t answer her.  She repeated herself and went on to say that she had to make it there before she passed.  I told her to be safe driving and I’ll get to the house as soon as possible.  Still in disbelief, I walked up to my cousin, Shirleen, in the store and I saw her husband, RL, was there also. I was informing them of what was going on and that I needed to get home ASAP.  Without hesitation, RL prayed a quick prayer and said “come on, we have to get you home”.  When we arrived at the house, I realized that my Step-Dad was not home yet, so RL came in and prayed for comfort, peace, and togetherness for us and our family.
We arrived at Hospice and my Step-Dad was there. As he walked in with us, my little sister and I didn’t know how to react.  We heard the cries, screams, and felt the sorrow before we even entered the room.  When the door to NaNa’s room opened, I saw my mother and aunties laying in the bed with NaNa.  I couldn’t get close to her because I knew this was wrong.  This was not the way her story was supposed to end. She was supposed to see me get married, love on my children, teach me how to make her sweet potato pies….she was supposed to do ALL of these things and more.  But she laid there…lifeless. 
I was upset! I walked into the bathroom located in the hallway and locked myself in there. I began to ask God how and why.  I told him that others have been healed of colon cancer and asked him why couldn’t HE heal NaNa.  I began to cry and the tears were HOT on my face.  Someone was banging on the door asking me if I was okay. I found out that it was my older cousin Norman when I could no longer take the banging and finally decided to open the door.  He hugged me and I told him that I needed fresh air.  I walked outside and sat on a bench watching the sun set as an older white gentleman came up to me. 
“Can I sit with you?”, he asked.
“Sure”, I told him.
He began to ask me why I was out there all by myself. I explained to him that I just lost my NaNa who was the glue to the family, my laughter, and my strength!  I went on to explain that everyone is crying and upset and I needed fresh air.  He listened, asked questions, I answered, he spoke, and on and on this went for about 10 minutes. 
“Do you read the Bible?”, he asked.
“I really don’t want to read the Bible right now”, I answered. 
“I understand”, he replied.  “Later, when you have a chance, read Psalm 90.” 
I said, “okay”, but in my heart I didn’t care. 
As he was getting up, the older gentleman said that he would pray for my family.  “Thank you”, I said as he walked off toward the building.  Not even 30 seconds later, Norman came walking towards me. He asked me who I was talking to. I told him that older gentleman whom he had just passed when as he was walking over to me. 
“I didn’t see anyone”, Norman stated.  I told him that he had to have seen the man!  Norman told me that I was just upset and tired from all that was going on.  I told him that I was getting upset because he didn’t believe me and that the man was walking back to the Hospice as he was coming outside.  He hugged me once again and walked me back into the building.  At that moment, as I looked around, I realized that I had just encountered AN ANGEL!
The Father had sent an ANGEL, just for me! Wow. I felt like I saw life when I remembered seeing the angel, my angel. I just want to encourage those who have lost a loved one or if you are in need of comfort to read Psalm 90.  All I know is that I do believe in angels because my heavenly Father came to see about me!
-Written by Jasmyne

Missing My NaNa

On this day 13 years ago my life was causing me to face reality! It was actually a Sunday in 2001. On that morning, my family & I were preparing for our church BBQ. We were having such a great time hanging that day, only later to find out that evening, my family & I would have to rush to Blue Ash Hospice because my NaNa, my Rock, my Laughter, the Glue to the Family, would giving up on life. How could this happen?!? Mommy said she was getting better. At that time, I didn’t know what Hospice was, so I was in ultimate confusion. When we got there that evening, NaNa’s fever was up so high. My NaNa’s children started to get upset, fuss at each, & the atmosphere was becoming sour. NaNa started shaking as if she had to say something. She could not speak. The Chaplin came in and asked if he could pray. Everyone said yes. At that moment I realized that death was REAL. NaNa fever went down INSTANTLY! YOU HEAR ME! PRAYER CHANGES THINGS! She smiled & had a peaceful look on her face. We still had her in the land of the LIVING. OH, how I THANK the FATHER for granting our request to have her one more day!

#ColonCancerDidNotWinThatDay #ComfortWasNeededandGranted


-Written by Jasmyne

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