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NaBloPoMo Day #10: Finding My Way Back

Have you ever felt lost?  Not in the physical sense, but having that nagging feeling that something is missing and you just can’t put your finger on it or find your way to it? Well, I’m not lost, I just feel that way.

Sunset Clouds

There was a time where I felt very certain about the direction that my life was heading in and I pursued what I was passionate about, God and photography. Of course, that’s not to say that I’m not pursuing either now. I just don’t have the time that I used to have and I’m earnestly trying to find where both fit in my life at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t turned my back on God.  I want to spend much more time with him than what I feel that I now do. Juggling all of life’s responsibilities can get tedious and making sure that everything that I value has its proper place can be difficult at times.

As for photography, well, that’s a whole other story. I feel that I have turned my back on photography.  Finding little pockets of time in my days and weeks that allows me to reconnect with one of the other things that I am passionate about in this life (after God & my husband!) is what I really want.

Slowly but surely I believe that I will be in the place that I need to be in order to find what it is that I’m seeking.

I honestly feel that this time over the past few years of my life has been a respite and a resting place, you know, the comma or pause in my story.  Soon we will be at the period and this chapter of our lives will be closed. But, before it is finished, I want to create more space in my life for the things that I am passionate about because I know that it can be done.

I am hoping that this blog will aid in that effort by providing a place for me to share my photography and my faith in God.

Life is a journey, but I’m finding my way.


NaBloPoMo Day #9: Music Monday


“Worth” by Anthony Brown & Group Therapy

You thought I was worth saving
So you came and changed my life

You thought I was worth keeping
so you cleaned me up inside

You thought I was to die for
so you sacrificed your life

So I could be free
So I could be whole
So I could tell everyone I know

repeat chorus (3 times)

Glory to the God who changed my life
And I will praise you (Forever)
I’ll worship you (Forever)
I’ll give you glory (Forever)

Because I am free
Because I am whole
And I will tell everyone I know


You thought I was worth saving
So you came and changed my life

You thought I was worth keeping
So you cleaned me up inside
You thought I was to die for
You sacrificed your life
So I can be free

NaBloPoMo Day #8: Autumn Solitude


“To give thanks in solitude is enough.
Thanksgiving has wings and goes where it must go.
Your prayer knows much more about it than you do.”
~Victor Hugo
Solitude is strength; to depend on the presence of the crowd is weakness.
The man who needs a mob to nerve him is much more alone than he imagines.
~Paul Brunton
“Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self.”
~Mary Sarton

Happy Sunday!

NaBloPoMo Day #7: Moon Rising


“A little pause in life, while daylight lingers
Between the sunset and the pale moonrise,
When daily labor slips from weary fingers,
And soft grey shadows veil the aching eyes.”
~Sarah Doudney, “Between the Lights,” c.1875


NaBloPoMo Day#6: Sabbath Rest


As I prepare for the seventh day Sabbath, I just wanted to share this photo of a church built into the rocks from my trip to Arizona a few months back. I am really looking forward to resting and relaxing from my busy week. I hope that you take time to rest  from all of your hard work.

Have a great weekend friends!

NaBloPoMo Day #1

Lake Atitlan, Solola, Guatemala

Today begins many creative challenges. One being National Blog Posting Month, which challenges bloggers to post daily during the month of November, should they choose to accept. Another is very similar being the National Photo Posting Month- challenging photographers to share a photograph daily throughout November. Seeing how I enjoy both, I think that I may attempt to do a combination of the two. I would love to share a photo every day this month, but sometimes I prefer to use my words also. Here’s to November!


Humble…what does this truly mean?  Audrey Assad’s song by the same name puts it into wonderful words that inspire me to remember that all that I go through pales in comparison to what our Savior endured.  I’ve had an emotionally and psychologically rough couple of days. Previously I had become accustomed to working with positive people who want to get the job done, but don’t stoop to the level of whispering and gossiping behind the backs of others, per se.

Sitting here, listening to the whispering and knowing that it is sometimes about me is very difficult to deal with. There’s a part of me that thinks “how can you be so vain as to think that others would spend their time talking about you?” Then there’s another part that says “don’t be weary in well-doing…surely you must be doing something right if others are talking about you…there are different ways to do everything.” Then there are times that I just don’t know what to think. I’ve been earnestly making an effort to seek after God more this week, especially to see where I am falling short. I let my issue go for the moment and it all begins to make sense as I listen to Audrey sing…

Not too proud to wear our skin
To know this weary world we’re in
Humble, humble Jesus

Not too proud to bear our sin
To feel this brokenness we’re in
Humble, humble Jesus

Surely if Christ could endure a scourging with whips, be spat upon, and receive a crown of thorns placed on his head and not retaliate because of these physical adversities, how much more are we to do the same? He also endured emotional grief having lost his friend (yet having him raised to life again), having one of his closest disciple friends to turn against him in disbelief, being betrayed by one of his close followers, having many discount his true identity, being talked about, being accused of doing what seemed wrong (to the human eye & mind)….the list goes on. As I type this, I am just overwhelmed. Yes, I’ve had to endure similar trials, of course not to the extent that Christ did, but it just increases my faith and my praise and further confirms the truth of the Word. “For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin (Heb. 4:15).” Amazing. Simply amazing and…humbling.

I thank God for this trial because I see that it is a test and I can see how far I have come from the first few times that I have had to deal with this issue. Although it bothers my flesh, I can remember to walk in humility like Christ and be the light that he so desires me to be.

Surely you have dealt with difficult trials? How did you overcome?

Good evening friends and family! My heart is filled with JOY and I just got my “happy” back. This past weekend I felt myself getting sad because I was not home celebrating Feast of Tabernacle with my family and home church. I know this is the season of reaping and sowing, but I found myself not feeling like I was on the reaping side……until today.

I was able to celebrate the Feast with my co-workers! They have sown into my life and became my family away from my family. I was overjoyed because they were overjoyed. I would have never thought I would feel so much love from people who’ve only met me 2 years ago. I reaped so much today and I’m very grateful for that experience.

Just when I wanted to turn back to my comfort zone, The Father is causing my seed(s) that were sown to come to fruition and I see myself blooming. I have to continually go through the Harvest season knowing that I have another season to see!

Please listen to my song of the day! Much love to you all!

Jasmyne (Jazzi, 3J, Jazz, Bubbly)

Fullness and Vision for the Journey



“Debra, you need to go on this retreat. You need it and you have prayed to find some answers to your questions.”
“I know, but what if…”, I retorted.
” No buts…you know that you feel God tugging at your heart. God wants you there at the retreat. I think you will find what you are looking for when you go!”
“Okay…I’ll sign up… Lord, if this is Your will, please meet me at this retreat. Amen.”

This is the conversation that I had with myself early last year.

Interfaith Ministries 2013 Women's RetreatI was debating about whether I should attend a multi-faith women’s retreat over a weekend in April in Houston, TX. I went with the expectation that God would meet me there because I was in need of answers to some very crucial questions that were stormimg around in my mind. I wasn’t sure at first, but then I began to feel God tugging on my heart, urging me to go. I had prayed for direction and answers about what I should do with my business and if I should even keep it at all. Life had changed drastically from what it had been just the previous year. I just needed to be with God and know that He was still there with me.

I don’t regret going.


I arrived late Friday night as I drove in from Louisiana and the women were already making vision boards. I jumped right in and found that I was lost in thought and felt very at home. Because of my background in art, I had longed to do something creative, yet I didn’t know it. I thought about what I wanted for myself and began cutting away words and photos that captured this perfectly. It was only the beginning.


Saturday was filled with seminars, encouraging speakers, more crafts, fellowship, dialogue, and prayers. We ended the day by doing a community “faith” walk around the labyrinth. I was brought to tears as we walked in silence, praying in gratitude and releasing all of our burdens and cares. This was one of THE most powerful moments for me. I hadn’t felt that close to God in a while.  Although we were “doing” activities throughout the day, I felt that I had truly kept the Sabbath. I had never felt that before and greatly desired more.


As I laid in bed that evening, I began to experience the benefits that truly keeping the Sabbath can bring. God began to pour into me ideas for how I can change my blog and how one thing can lead to another. I must admit that I was dragging my feet because of fear, but I have worked through it by releasing it through prayer and fasting. God showed me that I don’t have to separate my faith from my photography because my faith inspires my photography.

Interfaith Ministries 2013 Women's Retreat

As the retreat came to a close, we shared what we gained and are taking away from our experience at the retreat. My answer was simply, ” fullness…and vision for the journey.” This summed up my whole experience that weekend, so much so that I want to remember it and live it out in my life daily.


That’s how this site was born, “Fullness &Vision”.  It is my goal to share stories of faith, photography, encouraging quotes, scriptures, and anything else that will help you to live with fullness and vision for the journey along with me. I’ve also invited one of my best friends who is my sister and fellow missionary to join me in sharing her journey and encouraging words also, Jasmyne. I’m so glad that we have a space to share and to collaborate together about all to the glory of God.


Have you ever had a life-changing moment like this? Please share your experience in the comments below.  We’d love to hear your story!

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